What a great start into this day

For me it’s always a great way to start a day when I wake up and have an idea in my mind. Either for a new story or a scene of a story I’m actually working on.

Exactly the last part happened to me this morning when I woke up.
Maybe because of the lovingly visual reminder I got lately that a certain story is still unfinished.

So I woke up with these ideas for some scenes for this story. In order not to forget about them later I grabbed my BB, turned it on and dictated the ideas into the phone, before I even started to check my usual stuff. I dearly love this little shiny office to go!

Like almost every morning, as soon as I’m out of my bed, my first way took me into my kitchen, so I could turn the radio on. For I like to start my day with music and the latest news. To my pleasure the local radio just announced to play next the brand-new number 1 of the local radio charts. Surprisingly it was a rock waltz.

I have to confess; I love a good rock waltz since OMD created ‘Maid of Orleans’.
Even when my favourite rock waltz of all time still is the brilliant song ‘The Kill’ by 30 Seconds to Mars I have to say Alex Max Band’s actual song ‘Euphoria’ is a damn great one, too.

A lot of other people seem to like this song as well, for they voted it on number 1 of the weekly local radio hit click charts here in my hometown. Which reminds me that I still wish the movers and shakers in our local radio station would finally stop to refuse to play songs by Thirty Seconds to Mars. I guess its time for another request to play ‘Night of the Hunter’ later.

While doing my morning routine I decided to skip breakfast in order to have an early lunch instead, since it was already half past eleven. Peeling potatoes was easily done, as well as preparing the fresh asparagus. Did I mention how much I love the asparagus season?

While the potatoes boiled peacefully in their pot I went over to my living room to start writing. Luckily a muse kissed me and I got into a flow while typing my ideas into my notebook.

Actually my writing went pretty well, until suddenly a smell of some burnt food hit my nose. I sped into my kitchen just to find my potatoes without any water at all in their pot slowly becoming chip potatoes, which I actually had planed for the next day with the leftovers of today. After switching off my stove and putting the pot aside I laughed until tears run down my cheeks and said: “Bye-bye fried potatoes tomorrow; hello pasta-asparagus soufflé. “

Honestly, what sense would it have made when I would have thrown a tantrum? None!

It doesn’t make any sense at all, to get one’s Irish up over something that has already been done.

The great thing is, when a day starts like this it can only get better, right? 😉


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