The Meaning of Life

Everybody who knows me also knows that I have a soft spot for Ireland and almost everything Irish.

Therefore it wasn’t any wonder that one of Irelands finest actors – Colin Farrell finally came into my focus, when I saw him for the very first time in Oliver Stone’s outstanding epic film ALEXANDER on TV in September 2007.

He did such a great job in this movie and I ended up becoming a fan of his work up to today. It’s so wonderful to watch him getting better and better with every performance he does as an actor and to my personal opinion it is only a matter of time until Mister Farrell gets his first well deserved Oscar. 

But also I appreciate him as the genuine human being he is.

This man has been to hell and back in order to fight his inner demons and he succeeded. For that reason Colin Farrell has my deepest respect.

In honour to his Birthday today I want to share the interview Mister Farrell did on 19 April 2009 with Gay Byrne about the depths and causes of his addictions.

I know it’s a long one, but it’s worth every fucking minute of watching.


…. just in case…


May you have a great one and may you never loose the luck of the Irish. 😉



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