…has been my first thought, when I learned on Monday night that Thirty Seconds to Mars announced in an interview with MTV Canada that they are gonna taking a break at the end of their current Closer to the Edge tour after almost non-stop touring the world for two years then in order to promote their actual album “This is War”.

Besides the fact that MTV Canada did an absolutely bad job when they first came up with this terribly sensation-seeking headline “30 Seconds to Mars Breaking Up?” in the worst tabloid journalism manner I have to say I’m really, really glad to hear that the guys finally made this wise decision to take a break.

For it was so about time for this decision to be made, because contrary to what some of you people out there seem to think; musicians are no machines who can work and work and work their asses off all the time without suffering some consequences.

Even if it might not look like that; a band’s life on tour is not only having fun all the time. Its damn hard work and a lot of constantly pressure, too.

Just look at yourself. We all need some time out from our work from time to time and so do the members of a band as well to stay in good health and good mood.

We all want them to come up with a new album. But to be able to be creative and produce something new they need to recharge their batteries first.

So please people; stop all the wailing and gnashing of teeth and just give them the air to breathe and the freedom they need to work on their next project.

Personally I think that there is nothing more badly for a creative person than to be constantly other-directed from someone from the outside; so you’ll never have the possibility to work on your own projects in your innermost rhythm.

Therefore I wish Tomo, Shannon and Jared from the bottom of my heart that they can work on their next project without any pressure from the outside but on the other hand in a rhythm that is healthy for them and that they can do whatever the fuck they want.

The very short interview:


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