Walking on the Chinese Wall Part II


So the sand of time trickled unstoppable through the great golden hourglass.
Seconds turned into minutes.
Minutes into hours.
Those on the other hand added together to days.
Days became weeks.
Weeks turned into months.
Twelve months resulted in a year.
Years grew to centuries.
Finally centuries became millennia and before mankind knew it, they found themsleves in the so-called modern times.

Most of the old gods had long been replaced by faith in science and by various governments of individual states. Just as Zeus once already had anticipated and feared the gods and their myths went further and further into oblivion. Even the Mount Olympus was abandoned for quite some time now. The gods themselves were barely visible. They had retreated into some kind of intermediate world. In a land far, far away. A land that time can’t change. A land called ‘The Fantasy’.

It was there were those who were willing, could find them – at any time. Always and everywhere. But hardly a grownup was aware of it.
Children – of course, they knew more about it.
Unfortunately, the older they got, the more they forgot about the way to get into this land. So the world became increasingly needier in myths and legends which kept the fantasy alive.

People became more and more selfish but also more dissatisfied without really knowing why. They plied their trade and in their spare time they let themselves be exposed by the so-called entertainment industry to a constant stream of either musical mishmash, or via television through a variety of mostly lowbrow formats, series and films for the masses with shallow content, in which a lot was spoken, but nothing was said. The result was the increasing stupidity of the people. Sharp tongues all over the world claimed that it was precisely the intended effect, so that their own governments could prevail largely their own economic interests as undisturbed as possible.

For the benefit of all there were also always those tireless revolutionaries who not ceased to startle their fellow human beings with different methods to remind them how important it is to question rather than to accept. To think and act and simply to take over more self-responsibility again.

Particularly many of those silent revolutionaries were found in artistic circles. There, artists of various styles took advantage of their creative potential, not only to express themselves through their art, but to make the world a better place with the help of their works in order to make sure it would remain worth living for humanity in the future.

From his distant exile Zeus has been watching in recent decades the disturbing developments and was grateful for each new artist’s soul who saw the light of day. With special benevolence however he looked at a boy now who one fine day was born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the dog.

To be continued…

© Copyright2011by The Storyteller’s Garden

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The Fantasy -30Seconds to Mars


Abenteuerland – Pur



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