Lesson learned



Awww…, it feels sooo damn good to be able to use my almost properly working brain again after those past days of being sick as a dog thanks to the complete program out of the blue  including high fever, shivers and a cough that wouldn’t let me get some rest for what felt like ages.

Good Lord; I haven’t been that ill since at least way over eight years and honest to God I have absolutely no desire to have this experience again any time soon.  For I can’t stand being so sick that I feel as weak as a baby. Especially since I can’t go to me Mum any longer for comfort like I could have done when I was a child.

Besides of being really thankful for having such good self-regulating forces I’m so grateful for the homoeopathy which once more proved its enormous power and made me feel so much better in quite short time.

But I got my body’s message in the end, after a lot of thinking during half of Monday. Now I understand why he decided to teach me a lesson again I should have already learned many years from now. Which I actually thought I had; by the way.

Obviously I haven’t learned it very well!

Otherwise my body wouldn’t have felt the need to give me a little ‘refresher course’.

Many years from now I have been so lucky to cross the path of a very nice and very competent elderly Chinese doctor who worked at that time in a hospital in my hometown in order to built a ward for traditional Chinese medicine with her German colleagues.

Exactly the wards for TCM was were I met her when I went there to get acupuncture against the heavy migraine attacks I got at that time. Mrs. Professor Wei became my treating physician. She enacted ten therapies and when they were done my migraine was gone. Since then I only got attacks every now and then while a massive weather change.

So one more time thank God for the Chinese and their ancient wisdom!!!

Since I’ve always been interested in Asian culture it was a special pleasure for me to be able to have had a lot of wonderful conversations with Mrs. Professor Wei during our therapy hours. She taught me a lot about TCM and the different ways Chinese physicians look at their patients compared to the long noses in the rest of the world (that’s how they call us in the Peoples Republic of China).

She also taught me one of the most important lessons ever.

A lesson I thought back then I would never forget.

And yet I almost did.

So I had to take the consequences when I got that terribly sick during the past weekend.

Oh yes, now from a distance I know it was my own fault since I haven’t listened to the warning signals my body had sent me before.

Way back Mrs. Professor Wei told me about the importance to listen to our body, his warning signs, and his needs and to better give in to them, for otherwise our body will make us sick.

She said that our body is a very clever thing which is forever in connection with our soul and that the body will always make sure to fix whatever it is when the soul is in trouble, so the soul won’t burn out and body and soul would stay in balance.

Some things she said I will never forget – “You can be sure the body always gets what he wants and if he brings you on the edge of death to make sure you’ll change what is wrong in your life. The body always wins! Remember that!”

She then explained that firstly our body will give us different warning signs like getting more tired than usual or having the feeling of getting ill for example but he won’t make us ill. This is his way to give us a chance to think about what’s going wrong in our lives and to change it. Maybe we work in a job we hate, live in a wrong or sick relationship, have for whatever reason too much pressure in our business world, or have to do something that is against our inner nature and that isn’t good for us.

If we ignore those first warning signs our body will start to sabotage us and our plans by making us seriously sick, again and again.  Means our body will make us sick as long as we need to listen to him or take our time and start to look out where in our life a change is needed to make sure our soul wouldn’t get further damaged than she already is.

And she said that our body would continue his sabotage until we find the true reasons and really make a change. And that if we don’t give in to his demands he’ll bring us down – literally. Be it with a total breakdown for example, or a heart attack right up to malignant diseases. Just to make sure we then will have the time to think about what’s necessary to keep our body and soul in balance.

How right she was I learned the very hard way a couple of years later when my body almost brought me on the edge of forever so my life got the necessary drastically change it needed to keep me in balance and finally find my destiny.

So, yes I’ve learned my lesson well.

After some hard thinking I’ve already found out what’s going wrong in my life actually.

I know now where a change is needed and I’ve previously set the course.

Since I think knowledge should be shared; I’ll gladly share what I’ve learned so far, so maybe some of you dearest readers might learn something as well for your own lives.

Stay in balance! 😉


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