Walking on the Chinese Wall Part I

Lost in thought Godfather Zeus wandered mumbling softly to himself through Mount Olympus. He had neither an eye for the bright white of the clouds around him, nor for the brilliant blue of the heaven’s tent, which spanned the golden dome of the room.
Even the bright lights of the sun could not tempt him to look up.

For days he could not get a thought out of mind. A thought that almost drove him to desperation. What would happen if one day mankind would lose their faith in them, the gods and their mythical explanation of the world?

Who would ensure that people did not forget to use their imagination to obtain the metaphysical world view of those who already suspect the divine, but have no religious certainties? Who would preserve the myth as a language and history for human souls for eternity?

The longer Zeus thought about it, the more he became aware that he had to assure itself that the myths were preserved for humanity for all time so it was ensured that men never unlearned to dream and to let their fantasies run wild.

Since this was a problem he could not handle alone, he called the Moerae, the Fates to help. Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho followed his call immediately. Soon they appeared together in their white robes before the father of the gods, who brought forward his request.

Contrary to his fears the goddesses shared his concern about the future of men and declared themselves ready to help. As personifications of fate it was their task anyway, to spin the threads of life of all mortals by the span of life of everyone given from birth to death. No other God, not even Zeus himself had the right or the means to change their decisions.

Clotho, the youngest of the three Fates started with a spinning wheel to weave the threads of destiny of the elect for future generations, specifying a date of birth. Then, Lachesis measured the length of the threads to define the respective length of life and finally, the cruel Atropos cut off the threads of life to determine in this way the time of death for countless chosen one.

By the time they finished their work Zeus thanked his daughters and allowed them to move away. Relieved that he now was again able to devote more pleasant things he assured himself that his jealous wife Hera was not near. Then the ruler of Mount Olympus went on his way down to earth, to celebrate his success with his secret lover, the beautiful daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe, by begetting more childen.

But the chaos he conjured up with his reckless passion, is another story to tell that I’d like to leave to the storytellers who know more about it than me.

From that memorable day on, according to the Providence, for many centuries again and again chosen ones were born, who kept the myth alive and captured the imagination of the people. The list ranges from heroes like Hector and Achilles, pharaohs such as Ramses II, conquerors like Alexander the Great, Roman generals such as Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius over the last Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra to Jesus of Nazareth and many more that would follow right up to the celebrities of modern times.

Although at first glance gave the impression, yet all the elect had something in common. All of them were dreamers and big visionaries who believed in themselves and their dreams. And that, dear friends has not changed to this day.

To be continued …

© Copyright 2011 by The Storyteller’s Garden

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