Vox Populi

It’s always a pleasure to see what devoted fans do to support their and my favourite band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

In this case a  group of German Echelon teamed up  to perform a flash mob in Cologne, Germany right in front of the world-famous Cologne Cathedral, next to the Roman-Germanic Museum on Saturday 9th March, 2011 in order to spread the word about the bands actual album and single THIS IS WAR.

They have choosen the perfect song if you ask me – VOX POPULI which means ‘the voice of the people’.

According to the applause they got subsequent to their performance they did a great job.

Take a look:

For your information (just in case you do not know XD):

The ECHELON are the members of the worldwide street team that  promotes 30 Seconds to Mars all over the world.


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