Wish you were here…

Can’t believe it’s already eight years ago since you passed away way too early.

It seems like it was yesterday when we talked for the very last time, me knowing that I won’t see you again.

You were so afraid of what might happen to you that day and I desperately thought about some reassuring words to comfort you, to take away your fear.

So I told you that you don’t have to be afraid; for your beloved Mom will be waiting for you up there to guide you home. And that one day, when my time would come, you would be there, waiting for me, to guide me.

By the hopeful look in your tired grey-blue eyes I could tell that you believed me and I’m still glad about this. For you calmed down and found some peace finally.

I hope and pray that I didn’t lie to you and that Granny for real awaited you at heavens gate.

Today would have been your birthday and I wish you were here, so we could celebrate it together like we used to do it in the past.

But unfortunately you aren’t among us anymore.
Still I will celebrate this day in loving memory of you and the wonderful time we’ve had together. Thankful that you have been the best mother a child could wish for.

Born in economically difficult times, your childhood spent during a terrible war, your life has always been struggle and fight. Especially in the early years when our fathers left and you had to raise two little children all alone – my older brother and me.

Your best female friend told me many years from now that you even starved so we children would have had enough to eat when my father left the family. We might have been poor, but we never missed any thing, because we were wrapped in your love and we grew up as very happy children.

You taught us to love.
You taught us to be kind and respectful to everyone and to care not only for nature, but for all creatures on this planet as well.
You taught us to believe in ourselves, to listen to our hearts, to be freethinking, open-minded and tolerant.

From you I’ve learned that whatever I do; I have to make sure that I still can look into the mirror in the morning without feeling the need to spit in my face.

Life has never been the same since you’ve been gone; that’s for sure.
It is like in this dialog that Oscar winning director Cameron Crowe once wrote for the character Claire Colburne in his great film “Elizabethtown” when she says: “What they say is; it will hit you. It could be ten minutes or it could be ten years from now. “
As for me your loss hits me again and again every year on your birthday and in time before Christmas because those are the times I miss you the most.

But I’ve learned by now that life is for the living!
So I live my life the best way possible, thankful, for having so many good years with you and for the second chance that has been giving to me.

You will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will always love you dearly!
You will still be here; as long as I hold you in my memory.
Miss you so much.

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Remember Me – Josh Groban


You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban

Elizabethtown – Official Movie Site:


Parts of the Soundtrack:


To quote Scott P. Collins “S. Collins” (Madison, WI United States) from his review on http://www.amazon.com/Elizabethtown-Widescreen-Orlando-Bloom/dp/B000CNESJO :

“Elizabethtown” is not an instant gratification movie. It is not about a payoff. It is designed for the viewer to take an emotional journey with Drew. Patient viewers will be rewarded with a deeply heartfelt film that means what it says about success, failure, family, loss and love and it ultimately provides a sense of hope in a world that desperately needs it. Cameron Crowe’s “Elizabethtown” is a lovestory to life with a great soundtrack.


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