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Born free but not with a silver spoon in the mouth your life has never been easy. You always had to work hard for everything. Brave you waged the struggle. With patience and persistence you followed your dreams Every time … Continue reading

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Like I said via Twitter on Monday 20th December, 2010 HURRICANE – THE FILM uncensored by Thirty Seconds To Mars for me, personally is (in alphabetical order): a bit close to the bone a nightmare a pleasure to watch a … Continue reading

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You’ve got eyes to SEE! You’ve got ears to LISTEN! You’ve got a brain to THINK! So, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??? ₪ ø lll •o. © Copyright 2010 by The Storyteller’s Garden Inspired by the song KIDZ … Continue reading

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Working nine to five each day for a living, five days a week. Never really satisfied. Never really free. Is this who I really am? Is this really me? Simple answer? No! Because I am so much more. I am … Continue reading

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