Once, two brothers had a dream.
A dream, which lead them far, far away from everything they had known so far.

They dreamt of becoming musicians, creating a new world in the universe of MARS.
They dreamt of sharing their dream, music and artwork with believers around the globe and both had a face with a map of the world.

When finally their dream came true, it cost them many restless days and sleepless nights.

Their dream made them sacrifice so many parts of their private lives for THE FANTASY.

But born out of this dream they became THE BAND.

₪ ø lll •o.

© Copyright 2010 by The Storyteller’s Garden

Inspired by my favourite Band and their creators. 😉

Music: THE FANTASY – 30 Seconds To Mars


About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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